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Pre-moistened wipes offer the most versatile and efficient method for the delivery of liquids to surfaces whether for personal hygiene, cleansing, disinfection or treatment. By combining the optimum applicator material and dispensing package with the appropriate formulation, a more effective result is obtained than using sprays, liquids or dry wipes alone.

Designed to meet the performance expectations of each specific task, wipes are the ideal choice in most work environments, particularly where cleanliness, sanitization and contamination issues are paramount.

For consumers, portability adds to the appeal of pre-moistened wipes in today's mobile, fast-paced culture. Wipes can be used at home, the gym, outdoors, traveling or dining out. For healthcare professionals on the go, the portable delivery system is critical.

Innovation isn't limited to product and packaging; it extends to service. Nice-Pak's investment in technology and engineering provides customers with the fastest, easiest and most efficient product ordering and distribution systems. EDI capability supports instantaneous electronic ordering and speeds shipment. Nice-Pak participates in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs, and offers ways to reduce shipping expense.

This commitment to research, customer requirements, development and new technologies is at the heart of Nice-Pak's success.

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